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Appointment Making

The desirable situation of being placed in front of a qualified business prospect who is waiting for your presentation, is a luxury we can achieve for you.

We undertake the ‘knocking-on-the-door’ and qualification procedure and can make an appointment or send and follow up qualified requests for information. We can work from an existing database, select a suitable one or even create one from scratch.

Appointments are made for you, diaries and sales executives controlled and confirmations sent. Changes in appointments are efficiently handled with all the above altered and confirmed.

Full daily, weekly and monthly reporting is given and computerised databases maintained for re-contacting or re-using at a later date for prospecting.

All work is carried out in the client's name so that the recipient of the call will receive a seamless service if having a mailing, call, recall, information send, follow and appointment or when dealing with a query about the appointment